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Maui Events Rentals

From our finely trimmed Regal Wall, to our beautiful, European inspired antique doors, our one-of-a-kind BACKDROPS offer you a unique ability to create a stunning scene that will transform any setting and create a truly picture perfect moment.


Rich wood grain textures and artful details create the foundation of our STRUCTURES framework. Designed and constructed to provide the look and feel of a built-in structure with the versatility and convenience of being completely modular.  


Explore our extensive inventory of handmade FURNITURE. From sofa's & arm chair's to dining tables & benches, we're proud to say that every piece is handcrafted, in-house.  Mix and match your favorite pieces to create a setting that is uniquely yours.


For some it's a meeting spot, a place to take a rest; for other's it's a place to recharge. Our  COCKTAIL service inventory includes only the most thoughtfully planned and carefully crafted selection of bars and high boy tables that are sure to take your Cocktail hour and reception setting to the next level, suitable for the most intimate to grand settings.


Our handcrafted and curated finds include grand statement pedestals, accent tables and more. It's all about the details and we are equipped to help create your total look with our DECOR and ACCENTS. 


No matter how carefully curated or expertly composed, nothing transforms a space like the proper LIGHTING.  Browse our selection of lighting products and services that will take your space from stunning to unforgettable.

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