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Aloha!  My name is Jonas Po‘okela Kanahele and I was born on the island of Moloka‘i and raised on Maui.  As a child, I discovered my love for art. After graduating from Baldwin High School in 2001, I decided to spread my wings and move to Arizona in pursuit of whatever life had in store for me.  In 2009, I married the love of my life, Tasha, and in 2015, we were blessed with our beautiful son, Noa. Having recently been laid off due to a devastating relapse of a rare neuromuscular disease I have been learning to cope with for the past 10 years, called Myasthenia Gravis, I was forced to look into other avenues of opportunity based off of my skill set & passions in order to provide for my family.  

My love for art evolved into passion for architecture & design. 

I became intrigued by specific details & characteristics of several unique architectural styles: Modern, Contemporary, Mediterranean & Indonesian to name a few.  Inspired to create, I decided to buy my very first table saw and started working in my blazing Arizona garage. Through my studying of various styles and experimenting with commissioned custom furniture & personal projects; exploring my way through the craft as a woodworker, I found my purpose. That purpose is to combine my artistic vision with my ability to make my vision a reality.  This powerful combination is what has defined my focus on weddings & special events as well as the vision & aesthetic of my collections. I then spent my time & effort continuing to study these styles and develop skills that would aid me in production of my collection of refined pieces.

In 2018, my wife & I decided to pack our things and move back home to Maui to embark on a new journey together; following our dreams, talents, & passions to start our own business ventures.  Since Maui is my home and the destination location for weddings & other memorable events, what better place to set up shop? I have seen there is a need for more bold, handcrafted, artistic & quality pieces to enhance Maui events.  I bring a distinguished level of handcrafted, detailed uniqueness to this industry and I am excited to share it with you!

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