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M a u i   E v e n t   R e n t a l s

dreamers - designers - makers

             it's who we are... it's what we do 

At our very core we are DESIGNERS and makers - craftsmen with a keen eye for style and a passion for creating.  To say that we provide high quality rentals and customer service is true - it is the essence of what we do.  But it hardly tells the whole story... for us, it's so much more as the pieces we craft help create unforgettable experiences. We work tirelessly to design and build pieces that elicit a deep sense of luxury, whether it's a CUSTOM design or one of our existing inventory items, LUXURY is the first priority for every item in our inventory.  From selecting our designs, to curating materials, every choice we make is in pursuit of creating pieces that exude luxury. As a result, we feel we have established an extensive selection of unique offerings that will give you the ability to create stunning settings and experiences that are uniquely yours. Whether it's for your dream wedding, a corporate event, or a private dinner party we would love to be a part of your special moments.

Choose from our elevated inventory that includes:

-Statement Bars & Cocktail Tables      -Archways, Backdrops & Ceremony Seating      -Dining Canopies, Tables & Seating

-Lounge Furniture                            -Structures                                                     -Décor & Accents       

-Lighting                                        -Dance Floors                                                 -Design Consulting


  • a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.

  • made in a traditional or non-mechanized way

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